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Jul, jul, strålande jul

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Published  1921 (1921)
Writer(s)  Edvard Evers
Language  Swedish
Genre  Christmas
Composer(s)  Gustaf Nordqvist

"Jul, jul, strålande jul" is a Christmas song with lyrics written by Edvard Evers and music composed by Gustaf Nordqvist. It was published in 1921.

The song has been subject to many interpretations in Sweden, other Scandinavian countries and internationally by singers, choirs and orchestras.

It was first published by music publisher Abraham Lundquist AB. The song was one of the most common Christmas carols in Sweden during the 20th century. The lyrics describe Christmas as white, then snow-filled, and depict the rest of Christmas blessings with a wish that Christmas brings light and peace. The first known recording of the song dates back to 1924 (in Swedish) with Strandbergs kvartett, as B-side of the single "Hosianna".

"Jul, jul, strålande jul" (English: Christmas, Christmas, glorious Christmas) was composed both for solo voice or voices in unison with accompaniment (organ or piano), and for choir a cappella.

An English interpretation with the title "Wonderful Peace" is made by Norman Luboff.


Well-known recordings of the song include The Real Group, Cyndee Peters, Tommy Körberg, Göteborgs Gosskör, Linköpings Studentsångare, Orphei Drängar, Stockholms Studentsångare, Anki Bagger, Sofia Karlsson, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Carola Häggkvist, Jan Malmsjö, Göran Lindberg and Thorleifs.

A recording by Christer Sjögren entered the Swedish Singles Chart on December 14, 2002 and reached #7. Peter Jöback sang it in his 2002 album Jag kommer hem igen till jul. In 2008 the song was recorded by Amy Diamond on her album En helt ny jul. In 2009, E.M.D. interpreted it on their album Välkommen hem, Sissel & Odd on their album Strålande jul and in 2010 Sanna, Shirley, Sonja on their album Vår jul. In 2012, Sanna Nielsen recorded the song for her album Vinternatten.


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