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Jozef Paczynski

Name  Jozef Paczynski

Józef Paczyński httpsiytimgcomviP7E9zB3qXuImaxresdefaultjpg

Jozef paczynski historia mowiona auschwitz birkenau 1

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Józef Paczyński (20 January 1920 – 26 April 2015) was a Polish man who was known for having been the personal barber of Rudolf Hoss during the time he spent as a prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Józef Paczyński Jozef Paczynski survived Auschwitz by becoming barber to commander

Fryzjer rudolfa hoessa wiezien nr 121 jozef paczynski


Józef Paczyński Jozef Paczynski holocaust survivor obituary Telegraph

At the age of 20, Paczyński was captured by the Nazis when trying to cross into Slovakia to join Polish freedom fighters in France. In June 1940, he was transported to Auschwitz, where he was assigned prisoner number 121. At the camp, he was assigned to work in a barbershop. One day, Hoss visited the shop and chose Paczyński to come to Hoss's home at the edge of the camp to cut his hair. Paczyński continued to cut Hoss's hair weekly for nearly four years, during which time Hoss never spoke to him. He has said that although he could have used his tools to slit Hoss's throat during this time, he did not, because he and many others would have been killed as a consequence.

Józef Paczyński Auschwitz commandants barber Jozef Paczynski dies aged 95 World

He was moved from Auschwitz on January 18, 1945, making him one of the longest-surviving prisoners in the camp. After being moved, he was later freed by American troops in Germany. After the war, he became a mechanical engineer and teacher. In 2001, he received the Commander's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (English: Order of Rebirth of Poland).

Józef Paczyński Jozef Paczynski survived Auschwitz by becoming barber to commander

Paczyński died on April 26, 2015 at the age of 95.

Józef Paczyński Jozef Paczynski Inmate Barber to Auschwitz Commandant Dies at 95
Józef Paczyński May Polaczek ktry by osobistym fryzjerem komendanta Auschwitz
Józef Paczyński Jzef Paczyski Historia mwiona Auschwitz Birkenau 1 YouTube
Józef Paczyński Jozef Paczynski Auschwitz NaszeMiastopl


Józef Paczyński Wikipedia

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