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Josh Hartzler (Husband of Amy lee)

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Josh Hartzler


Josh Hartzler with a tight-lipped smile, mustache, and beard while wearing a black jacket, black t-shirt, and eyeglasses

November 4, 1970 (Age 50) (
United States

Amy Lee, Evanescence, Amy Lee discography

Weight (62 kg, 136 lbs)

Height (5.3 ft , 1.61 M)

Net Worth
$500k USD (as of 2020)



Birth Sign

A therapist by profession, Josh Hartzler is best known for being music artist Amy Lee's husband. Josh also works as a photographer and has worked along with Amy on many songs including the hit Bring Me to life.


Amy Lee and Josh Hartzler =)


•  Amy Lee announced her and Josh's engagement publicly on a Canadian show, MuchMusic.

•  Josh is fond of classical music and frequently listens to compositions of Mozart.

•  Both Josh and Amy are also quite fond of painting.

•  He is a private person and is not very active on social media.

Early and Personal Life

Josh Hartzler and Amy lee are smiling while Josh is wearing a striped coat and t-shirt and his wife is wearing a cream blouse underneath a sleeveless blouse

Josh was born on  4th November 1970 . He works as a therapist. He was a long time friend of Amy before they got engaged. Not very well-known initially, he gained fame as Amy's husband. Josh has been a strong influence on Amy’s career decisions and even personal ones. He gifted Amy a Harp in 2008 that she has been using at multiple events ever since. He was engaged to Amy on january 8, 2007 and they got married on May  6, 2007. He lives with his wife and son in New York.


Josh Hartzler and Amy lee are smiling while Josh is wearing a black jacket, black t-shirt, and eyeglasses and his wife is wearing a black fur coat

Josh's wife is Amy Lee, singer and music artist at Evanescence. As of 2020 he has a 6 year old son with Amy named Jack Lion Hartzler.


Amy Lee and Josh Hartzler are smiling while Amy wearing a black sleeveless blouse and her husband is wearing a black jacket and white t-shirt

By profession, Josh has worked as a therapist for many years. Apart from therapy, Josh has a deep interest in photography and acted as a photographer for shooting pictures for Evanescence's album and shows. He was also the co-writer for David Hodges' and Daughtry.

Amy lee is sleeping in a scene from the official music video of the song Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

He was also the inspiration for Evanescense's songs Bring Me to Life and Good Enough. He also appeared in the making of Fallen. He actively participates in many gigs of Evanescense .


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