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Joop is a Dutch masculine given name, often a short form (hypocorism) of Johannes or other names. It may refer to:

  • Jogchum Joop Alberda (born 1952), Dutch retired volleyball coach, coach of the 1996 Olympic champion Dutch team
  • Johannes Joop Atsma (born 1956), Dutch politician
  • Johannes Joop Bakker (1921-2003), Dutch politician
  • Johannes Jacobus Joop Beljon (1922-2002), Dutch artist
  • Joop Brand (born 1936), Dutch former football player and manager
  • Johan Joop Carp (1897–1962), Dutch sailor, helmsman of the 1920 Olympic 6.4 Metre champion
  • Joop van Daele (born 1947), Dutch former footballer
  • Johannes Joop den Uyl (1919-1987), Dutch politician
  • Jan van Dort (1889-1967), Dutch footballer
  • Joop Gall (born 1963), Dutch football manager and former player
  • Joseph Joop Haex (1911-2002), Dutch politician, lieutenant general and twice State Secretary for Defence
  • Joop van der Heide (1917-1980), Dutch footballer
  • Johannes Joop Hiele (born 1958), Dutch former football goalkeeper
  • Josephus Joop Hox (born 1949), Dutch psychologist and professor
  • Jacob Joop Lankhaar (born 1966), Dutch former footballer
  • Johannes Joop van Nellen (1910-1992), Dutch footballer
  • Joop van Oosterom (born 1937), Dutch billionaire and twice correspondence chess world champion
  • Joop Pelser (1892–1974), Dutch footballer
  • Joop Stoffelen (1921-2005), Dutch footballer
  • Johannes Joop Stokkermans (1937–2012), Dutch composer and pianist
  • Johannes Joop van den Ende (born 1942), Dutch theatrical producer
  • Joop van Wijk (born 1950), Dutch documentary film director
  • Joanna Joop Wijn (born 1969), former Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands
  • Hendrik Gerardus Jozef Joop Zoetemelk (born 1946), Dutch racing cyclist, winner of the 1980 Tour de France and the 1979 Vuelta a España
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