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Jin Yuzhang

Predecessor  Jin Youzhi
Name  Jin Yuzhang
House  House of Aisin Gioro
Parents  Jin Youzhi

Father  Puren
Cousins  Huisheng
Occupation  Engineer
Uncles  Puyi, Pujie, Puqi
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Period  10 April 2015 – present
Grandparents  Zaifeng, Prince Chun, Lady Dengiya
Aunts  Princess Yunying, Jin Zhijian, Yunying, Yunhe, Pu Yunyu, Jin Ruijie, Jin Yunxian
Similar People  Jin Youzhi, Zaifeng - Prince Chun, Pujie, Youlan, Princess Yunying

Jin Yuzhang (born May 1942) is an heir to the Qing emperors of China. He is a son of Jin Youzhi and a nephew of Puyi, the last emperor of China. The last published succession rule for the Aisin Gioro clan, adopted in 1937, provides for succession by male descendants, brothers, and then half-brothers. Jin Youzhi succeeded Pujie, Puyi's brother, as head of the clan in 1994. Jin Yuzhang succeeded his father in 2015.

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Jin retired as vice-director of the Zhongwen district government in Beijing in 2008.


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