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Jennifer Lee Barringer

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Name  Jennifer Barringer

Jennifer Lee Barringer Forensic Expert Jennifer Lee Barringer Hunting Rifle Scope

Jennifer Lee Barringer Top #10 Facts

Jennifer Lee Barringer is an attorney known for defending music producer Phil Spector in his two murder trials and also making a joke of herself on CNN. She was the only attorney from the original team who was requested to return by Mr. Spector for his second trial due to her “comprehensive knowledge of the case and her extensive forensic expertise,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Ms. Barringer's other high-profile cases include the “New Jersey Turnpike Shooting Cases” with Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld, Johnnie Cochran and Linda Kenney-Baden and former New Jersey Nets basketball star Jayson Williams. Most recently, Ms. Barringer worked as both a trial member and consultant with the Casey Anthony defense team and is also a regular commentator and legal analyst on Tru TV, Fox News, HLN, CBS and CNN. Ms. Barringer is often sought after for high-profile murder and rape cases due to her specialty in forensics which she honed while working on the Innocence Project and by participating in numerous cases with some of the most respected forensic experts in the world, including Dr. Michael Baden, Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Dr. Werner Spitz, Jim Pex and Stuart James among many others. She is well versed in all areas of criminology, pathology, blood spatter pattern analysis, DNA interpretation and toxicology. Ms. Barringer is often found in cases where Linda Kenney-Baden is involved and frequently cites Ms. Kenney-Baden as her mentor.

Before becoming an attorney, Ms. Barringer spent 3 years in Germany working as a news anchor for Deutsche Welle and the BBC. During that time, she originated numerous shows, performed interviews and was the only female anchor of the nightly news.

Ms. Barringer went on Fox news after the Dallas police shootings on 7/7/16 and made the news herself for being an "expert" on forensics and firearms who inaccurately proclaimed hunting rifles could be bought at grocery stores in Texas, made fully automatic with mods, and turned into assault weapons simply by putting a scope on them. She came off looking extremely foolish, and in dire need of rehabilitating her credibility!

Ms. Barringer received her B.A. from Rutgers University in Journalism and History and her juris doctorate from Cardozo Law School in N.Y.C.. She is a member of SAG and AFTRA and is suspended from practicing law in the state of New Jersey.


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