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Jan Morávek (1902–1984)

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Name  Jan Moravek
Died  1984
Role  1902–1984

Jan Morávek (1902-1984) was an important member of the Czech Resistance against the German occupation (1939-1945) in Czechoslovakia. He worked at the Ceska Zbrojovka armament factory in Prague and later in Romania, under the command of Albert Goering. Albert Goering was the younger brother of Reichmarschall Hermann Goering (second in command to Hitler).

Morávek, through Stolle, was linked to the British secret service MI6. Morávek coordinated the underground resistance in the Skoda armaments factory. Albert Goering, acting with Hromatko (a member of the Skoda Board) devised a scheme to transfer commission from sales of armaments into a Swiss bank account. Part of those funds were used to help escape several hundred Jews and other persons persecuted by the Nazis.

Receiving information from a Czech scientist that worked at Peenemunde, Morávek informed the British on 15 August 1943 about the secret development of the V1 and V2 rockets. Within 48 hours, the British diverted forces from the strategic bombing offensive for Operation Crossbow into the Operation Hydra (1943) that bombed Peenemunde. This bombing was highly successful, delaying considerably the development and utilisation of the rockets V1 and V2.


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