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James Kallstrom

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James Kallstrom Former NYC FBI Chief 39Get This Wet Blanket of Political Correctness

James K. Kallstrom (born May 6, 1943) is a former assistant FBI director. He led the investigation into the 1996 explosion of TWA Flight 800. He was a supervising agent in the New York investigation of the Cosa Nostra criminal network that resulted in the Mafia Commission Trial of 1985–1986. Kallstrom worked for 27 years at the FBI and has been described as an expert in wiretapping. He is a former Marine captain and Vietnam veteran. He left the public sector for private sector employment in the financial industry beginning in 1998. After the 9/11 attacks, Kallstrom returned to the public sector to lead New York state's public safety office.

In the 2016 presidential election, Kallstrom supported Donald Trump and has referred to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family as being criminal-like. He called the Clinton Foundation a "cesspool". Kallstrom has established relationships with Rush Limbaugh and Fox News to further his work to promote the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation (MC-LEF), a charitable organization of which he is the Chairman of the Board. On Fox News, Kallstrom accused United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, of bias by behaving as if she were part of the Democratic National Committee. Wayne Barrett has written about what he sees as an alliance between Kallstrom, Rudy Giuliani, and pro-Trump supporters in the FBI.

James Kallstrom Former FBI Official Risking His Life Just Exposed Obama In A HUGE WAY
James Kallstrom Former FBI official New theory on Flight TWA 800 is 39a bunch of
James Kallstrom Former FBI Asst Director Original Clinton Probe 39Not a Real
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James Kallstrom James Kallstrom TWA 800 Interview CSPAN Washington Journal YouTube


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