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James Heisig

Name  James Heisig
Role  Philosopher
James Heisig James W Heisig Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
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Books  Remembering the Kanji, Remembering Traditional Hanzi: Ho, Remembering the Kana, Philosophers of Nothingn, Nothingness and Desire: An East

James Wallace Heisig (born 1944) is a philosopher who specializes in the field of philosophy of religion. He has published several books, their topics ranging amongst the notion of God in analytical psychology, the Kyoto School of Philosophy, and contemporary inter-religious faith. He currently resides in Nagoya, Japan, where he continues to conduct research at the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture. He is also famed among students of the Japanese and Chinese languages for his Remembering the Kanji and Remembering the Hanzi series.

James Heisig Institut za islamsku tradiciju Bonjaka Prof dr James


James Heisig Novo vrijeme James W Heisig quotNajvei dijalog je ii
  • Remembering the Kanji series (1977, 1987, 1994)
  • Remembering the Kana
  • Heisig, James and Timothy Richardson, Remembering Simplified Hanzi 1 and Remembering Traditional Hanzi 1, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu (2009). Volume 2 of each book which were published in early 2012.
  • Imago Dei: A Study of C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion (Studies in Jungian thought) (1979)
  • Philosophers of Nothingness: An Essay on the Kyoto School (Nanzan Library of Asian Religion and Culture) (2001)

  • James Heisig James W Heisig Remembering the Kanji 1 books we have read
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    James Heisig James Heisig quotAn EastWest Philosophical Antiphony


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