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Jabb Love Hua

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Created by  Zee TV Creative Team
Theme music composer  Raju Singh
Starring  see below
Written by  Story Manta Patnaik Screenplay Radhika Borkar & Anand SivaKumaram Dialogues Preiti Mamgain & Sagar Gupta
Directed by  Tony Singh, Imtiaz Punjabi, Deeya Singh and Romesh Kalra
Creative director(s)  Creative Supervision Saurabh Tewari (Zee TV) Show Packaging Seema Sawhney Sharma & Sundhir Sharma (Sunshine Productions India) Costume Designer Nisha Bedi Rai & Ritu Deora

Jabb Love Hua (English: When love happened or When [we] fell in love) is a Hindi serial that aired on Zee TV from April 24, 2006 to July 12, 2007. It starred Sudeep Sahir and Priya Badlani in the main roles.


The show starts with Aanya Shroff (Priya Badlani), a girl born with silver spoon in her mouth, accidentally making an undesirable wish and her whole family gets in trouble and run from the town and they end into a village where Raghu (Sudeep Sahir), a villager boy lived. When Aanya encounters Raghu, both are disappointed by each other's behaviour and end up fighting. But gradually both start falling for the other and their fights become the string that attach each other. Bhola (Rahul Lohani), Raghu's best friend fall in love with Isha, Aanya's sister who is jealous of Aanya. The series depict their love story as a city girl falls for a villager and she accepts the village lifestyle.


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