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Itti Marduk balatu (king)

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Reign  ca. 1140–1132 BC
Died  1133 BC
Successor  Ninurta-nadin-shumi
House  2nd Dynasty of Isin
Parents  Marduk-kabit-ahheshu
Predecessor  Marduk-kabit-ahheshu
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Itti-Marduk-balāṭu, inscribed m-d “with Marduk (there is) life,” ca. 1140–1132 BC, was the 2nd king of the 2nd Dynasty of Isin that ruled over Babylon, and he was the son of its founder, Marduk-kabit-aḫḫēšu. He is thought to be the first of the dynasty actually to rule from the city of Babylon.


He reigned for 8 years according to the King List C. The King List A records 6 years and the Synchronistic King List inserts someone with this name after Marduk-nādin-aḫḫē, the 6th king ca. 1099-1082 BC, although this part of the text has since crumbled away or been disputed. An inscription gives him some unusual titles, including šar šarr[i], king of kings, migir il[ῑ], favorite of the gods, and šakkanak bāb[ili], viceroy of Babylon, and includes the epithet of nibītu, chosen, of Anum and Dagan in the royal titulary.

There are five extant economic tablets dated to his reign and these include the disposition of grain from the fields after harvest in his first year, provisions for the royal stables and officials, located in the town of Dūr-Sumulael on the Imgur Ishtar canal near Babylon, also hire paid for rented asses (2 tablets), and an inventory of slaves and their families also in his first year. There is a black diorite tablet dated to his reign which is engraved on both sides by the scribe Bau-akhu-iddina, the son of Sin-b[el-ki]tti, the seer, with a copy of a deed recording the sale of certain arable land and gardens in the neighborhood of Bit-Udashi, Bit-Sapri, and Bit-Naniauti, by [Eulmash]-dinanni, the son of Sin-epiri.

Like his father before him, he made incursions into Assyria. The Elamites, under their king Shilhak-Inshushinak, the brother of Kutir-Nahhunte, raided repeatedly into Mesopotamia up to the Tigris and as far north as Nuzi around this period.


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