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Italy of the Centre

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Italy of the Centre (Italia del Centro, IdC) was a small Christian-democratic Italian political party, based in Southern Italy and especially in Abruzzo. Its leader is Vincenzo Scotti, former Christian Democratic Minister of the Interior.

The party contested the 2006 general election as Third Pole (Terzo Polo), independently from the two major coalitions. In 2007 the party counted four regional councillors: Giorgio De Matteis and Claudio Di Bartolomeo (Abruzzo), Antonio Milo (Campania) and Antonio Flovilla (Basilicata). In January 2008 the IdC formed a political pact with Raffaele Lombardo's Movement for Autonomy (MpA), whose power base is in Sicily. The plan was to create a net of regionalist Christian-democratic parties.

After the 2008 general election Scotti was appointed Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Berlusconi IV Cabinet and later also president of the MpA. In the 2008 Abruzzo regional election the MpA won 3.3 of the vote and De Matteis was re-elected regional deputy.


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