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Israel–Rhodesia relations

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Israel–Rhodesia relations

Israel-Rhodesia relations were the foreign relations between the State of Israel and Rhodesia from 1965 to June 1, 1979, and between the state of Israel and Zimbabwe-Rhodesia from June 1 to December 12, 1979, being succeeded by Israel-Zimbabwe relations after Abel Muzorewa was deposed from his position as prime minister.

Rhodesia was largely under international sanctions due to its Timocratic nature, in which only those occupying property worth £75, or possessing a mining claim, could vote, disenfranchising most black voters; but Israel, like Portugal and Malawi did not participate in the sanctions.

Israel sold many Uzi submachineguns to Rhodesia in 1977, and eventually gave them the right to manufacture their own.

In 1979, Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe Rhodesia, the black community was allowed to vote, and Abel Muzorewa became prime minister from June to December. Abel Muzorewa was deposed in December 1979, and the country transformed into Zimbabwe. Muzorewa traveled to Israel in 1983, and was imprisoned upon his return to Zimbabwe.


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