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Isabel Soveral

Name  Isabel Soveral
Education  Stony Brook University
Role  Composer
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Similar People  Jorge Peixinho, Joao Pedro Oliveira, Antonio Chagas Rosa, Daria Semegen, Carlos Azevedo

Isabel M. M. Abranches de Soveral (born 1961, Oporto) is a Portuguese composer. She studied at the Portuguese National Conservatoire with the composers Jorge Peixinho and Joly Braga Santos with a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In 1988, she attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where she studied under Daria Semegen and Bulent Arel, with support from the Gulbenkian, Luso-American Foundation and Fulbright Foundations in order to complete the university's master's and doctoral programmes.

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During her studies in Stony Brook, she began working with electronic material in her cycle Metamorphoses, which includes the work Quadramorphosis for four percussionists and electronics, and the series Anamorphoses, which includes a number of pieces with electronics. Her music has been performed in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hong Kong, Macau, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and the United States of America. She currently teaches composition and musical analysis in the Department of Communication and Art at the University of Aveiro.

Main works:

  • Quarteto, 1984.
  • Fragmentos, 1985.
  • Contornos I, 1987.
  • Un soir j'ai assis la Beaute sur mes genoux - Et je l'ai trouvee amere, 1998.
  • Inscriptions sur une Peinture, 1998.
  • Anamorphoses III, 1999.
  • Image I, solo marimba, 2000.
  • Anamorphoses Cycle, 2002.
  • Anamorphoses VII, 2002.
  • Memoires d’Automne Cycle, 2003.
  • Trama, 2005.
  • Paradeisoi, 2007.
  • Le Navigateur du Soleil Incandescent Cycle, 2005-2009: Premiere Lettre, viola and piano; Deuxieme Lettre, counter-tenor, chorus and orchestra; Troisieme Lettre, solo voice, orchestra and electronics; Quatrieme Lettre.
  • Cycle Shakespeare for soprano and electronics, 2007-2009: “Since Brass nor stone...”; “...Why write I still all one, ever the same, and keep invention in a noted weed”.
  • References

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