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Isabel Maria de Alcântara, Duchess of Goiás

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Father  Pedro I of Brazil
Siblings  Pedro II of Brazil
Isabel Maria de Alcântara, Duchess of Goiás httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Born  23 May 1824 Rio de Janeiro, Empire of Brazil (1824-05-23)
Spouse  Ernst von Treuberg, Count of Treuberg
Issue  Maria Amélia Fernando Augusta Francisco
Mother  Domitila de Castro, Marchioness of Santos
Died  3 November 1898, Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany
Parents  Pedro I of Brazil, Domitila de Castro, Marchioness of Santos
Grandparents  John VI of Portugal, Carlota Joaquina of Spain, João de Castro do Canto e Melo, 1.º visconde de Castro
Nieces  Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil, Princess Leopoldina of Brazil
Similar  Pedro I of Brazil, Domitila de Castro - Marchion, Pedro II of Brazil, Rodrigo Delfim Pereira, Amélie of Leuchtenberg

Isabel Maria de Alcântara, Duchess of Goiás (3 May 1824 – 23 November 1898), was a Brazilian noble, the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Pedro I of Brazil and Domitila de Castro, Marchioness of Santos.

She was the only child of Pedro I born out of wedlock who was officially legitimized by him. On 24 May 1826, Isabel Maria was given the title of "Duchess of Goiás", the style of Highness and the right to use the honorific "Dona" (Lady). She was the first person to hold the rank of duke in the Empire of Brazil. These honors did not confer on her the status of Brazilian princess or place her in the line of succession. In his will, Pedro I gave her a share of his estate. She later lost her Brazilian title and honors upon her 17 April 1843 marriage to a foreigner, Ernst Fischler von Treuberg, Count of Treuberg.

Pedro I wished for Isabel to be treated as a Princess of Brazil at the same level with his legitimate daughters. He accorded her equivalent official honors, such as having her greeted by the Imperial guard and in naming her protector of the province of Goiás. He unsuccessfully tried to have her raised among his legitimate children in the Palace of São Cristóvão, but both his first, and later his second empress, refused. From 1829, she was educated at the Ecole du Sacré-Coeur in Paris. When her father abdicated the Brazilian throne and came to Paris, she was accepted by her stepmother, Empress Amelia, and spent time with them in Paris as a family. When the family left for Portugal, however, she remained. After the death of her father in 1834, she was sent to Münich by her stepmother to be educated in the care of Antônio Teles da Silva Caminha e Meneses. Her marriage was arranged by her stepmother: her spouse had an office at the royal court in Münich.


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