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Irreligion in Pakistan

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Irreligion and atheism are present among a minority of mainly young people in Pakistan.

In 2005, about 1% of the population was estimated to be atheist, and by 2012, the figure rose to about 2% according to Gallup.

Atheists in Pakistan face discrimination, persecution and prejudice in society. Pakistan is reported by some sources to be among the seven countries where atheism can attract capital punishment, but according to the Library of Congress of the United States, '"there is no specific statutory law that criminalizes apostasy in Pakistan."

Internet groups such as "Atheist and Agnostic Alliance Pakistan" website have emerged which received over 17,000 hits within 48 hours of their launch.

Some known atheists of Pakistani origin are Kumail Nanjiani, Tariq Ali, and Fauzia Ilyas.


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