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Irreligion in Brazil

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Irreligion in Brazil is a new but increasing phenomenon. The official Brazilian census gives, since 1970, sem religião (Portuguese: no religion) as an option of self-description for people who do not consider themselves members of any specific religion, including non-affiliated theists and deists. According to the 2000 census, there were 12.5 million irreligious people in the country (7.3% of the total population). As of 2010, there were 15.3 million irreligious people (8% of the population).

The Constitution of Brazil assigns secularism as the default position of the Law and government in relation to religious matters (Art. 19, I), and grants freedom of religion and thought to its citizens (Art. 5, VI). Non-profit organization Brazilian Association of Atheists and Agnostics actively tries to promote secularism and help irreligious people victims of prejudice.

Notable non-religious Brazilians

  • Chico Anysio, atheist comedian and actor
  • Letícia Persiles, actress
  • Nando Reis, atheist musician
  • Nathalia Dill, actress
  • Oscar Niemeyer, atheist architect and designer
  • Paula Burlamaqui, deist actress
  • Drauzio Varella, atheist physician
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