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Iranian Principlists

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Political position  Right-wing
International affiliation  None
Religion  Shia Islam
Newspaper  Kayhan Abrar Islamic Republic Vatan-e-Emrooz
Ideology  Conservatism Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists Shia Islamism
Affiliated groups  Motalefeh Rohaniat Modaresin Chekad Azadandishan Mohandesin Isargaran Rahpouyan Khedmatgozaran Rayehe Khosh Paydari Istadegi Sedaye Mellat Ansar Noandishan YEKTA

Principlists (Persian: اصول‌گرایان‎‎; Osul-Garâyân), or Iranian Conservatives, are one of two main political camps inside post-revolutionary Iran, the other being Reformists. Within Iranian politics, a principlist refers to the conservative supporters of the Supreme Leader of Iran and advocates for protecting the ideological principles of the Islamic Revolution’s early days.

A declaration issued by The Two Societies, which serves as the Principlists "manifesto", focuses on loyalty to Islam and the Iranian Revolution, obedience to the Supreme Leader of Iran, and devotion to the principle of Vilayat Faqih.

The Principlists currently dominate the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Assembly of Experts and several City Councils, as well as non-elective institutions such as the Guardian Council.


  • Ultra conservatives —also known as neoconservatives— consists of laymen representing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) collectively. These conservatives support the Islamist government and are more aggressive and openly confrontational toward the West.
  • Traditional conservatives are a political faction that helped form the Revolutionary government and can point to personal ties with Ruhollah Khomeini. These conservatives support the Islamist government and advocate for clerical rule.
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