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Inşirah Hanım

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Father  Aziz Bey Voçibe
Spouse  Mehmed VI (m. 1905)
Place of burial  Cairo, Egypt
Religion  Sunni Islam
Parents  Aziz Bey Voçibe
Inşirah Hanım
Born  Seniye Voçibe July 10, 1887 Batumi, Georgia (1887-07-10)
House  House of Voçibe (by birth) House of Osman (by marriage)
Died  10 June 1930, Cairo, Egypt
Similar  Mehmed VI, Nevzad Hanım, Nazikeda Kadın, Gülüstü Hanım, Fatma Ulviye Sultan

Inşirah Hanım (Ottoman Turkish: انشراح خانم‎; 10 July 1887 – 10 June 1930) was the wife of Prince Şehzade Mehmed Vahideddin, future last Sultan Mehmed VI of the Ottoman Empire.


Princess Inşirah Hanım was born in 1887 to Aziz Bey Voçibe. She was the niece of the future Dürrüaden Kadın, third consort of Sultan Mehmed V. At a very young age she was given to the palace where she received private education. She was a Lady-in-waiting to one of Sultan Abdülmecid I's wives, Şayeste Hanım. While she was in service to Şayeste Hanım, she was noticed by Prince Şehzade Mehmed Vahideddin (future Mehmed VI). She was also a good painter.

Şehzade Vahideddin asked her father, Aziz Bey, for her hand in marriage. But firstly her father and his brother, Zeki Bey refused. At last they accepted the marriage proposal and Şehzade Vahideddin married her on 8 July 1905 at Çengelköy Palace. Inşirah was said to be a very jealous lady. One day, Vahideddin was caught with a maid in the bedroom. She immediately abandoned her husband and got divorce from him on 17 November 1909. After the divorce she was still living in Vahideddin's mansion and after her deportation she went to Cairo. They divorced before Vahideddin succeeded to the throne as Mehmed VI, so Inşirah never became the wife of the sultan.

She committed suicide by tossing herself into river Nile on 10 June 1930 and was buried in Eyüp Sultan cemetery.


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