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Idol Camp

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Idol Camp is a performing arts summer camp held in 2007 in Northfield, Massachusetts on one of Northfield Mount Hermon School's campuses. This year, Idol Camp will be heading towards Pali Mountain in Running Springs, CA.

The camp offers entertainment programs such as singing, dancing, acting, and writing. The camp was created by the producers of American Idol, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment. The camp’s cost is $2,995 per student for 2 weeks and includes room, board, classes and souvenirs. The age limit is 10 to 15 years, and a total of 700 students. The experience at the camp will include classes with professional artists, former American Idol contestants and others in the entertainment industry. Other camp activities such as swimming and sports will also be provided at Idol Camp.

The teaching staff that ran Idol Camp in 2007 and designed its curriculum will lead an unrelated non-profit summer camp in 2008 on the Northfield Mount Hermon campus called Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts.

Daily Schedule

The Daily Schedule usually went like this: Circle/Stretch,
Morning Sing,
Act 1 Elective Class or Master Workshop,
Act 2 Elective Class or Master Workshop,
Open Mic Performances,
Rest Period- Spent in Rooms,
Act 3 Elective Class or Master Workshop,
Camp Activity,
Free Time,
Evening Activity,
Closing Circle,
Lights Out,

The Opening Stretch was usually stretched to "You got the Music in Me", where it got the kids up and ready for each new and big day ahead of them. Breakfast usually had a delicious selection, and there was always cereal and Pop Tarts, because of Kellogg's Sponsorship. Morning Sing had the kids warm up their voices and prepare songs for the final show. The Acts, 1, 2, and 3 segments were classes chosen by the camper. They had a wide selection of choices, including singing, drumming, dancing, music video creation, acting, recording artist, and so much more. Open Mic had a great selection of performances where the kids could sign up and sing anything for their fellow campers. The Master Workshop was when a former Idol contestant or someone else came in to teach the campers about anything they had to offer. The schedule was very busy and was a great way to move around for the kids.


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