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ITunes Originals – Ben Folds

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Released  August 30, 2005
Artist  Ben Folds
Genres  Rock music, Pop music
Producer  Ben Folds
Release date  30 August 2005
ITunes Originals – Ben Folds httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaeneefBen
iTunes Originals (2005)  Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP (2006)
Label  Sony BMG Music Entertainment
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iTunes Originals – Ben Folds is an iTunes Originals album release from Ben Folds that consists of live tracks, previously released studio tracks, and interview tracks. The interview clips are only available when purchasing the album as a whole. Official physical copies of this album do not exist; it is only available through the iTunes Store.

Track listing

(Note: The tracks are numbered as two discs such that the 24th track is listed as track 1 of disc 2)

  1. "iTunes Originals"
  2. "Bastard" (iTunes Originals Version)
  3. "My Inner White Man Came Out In Full Bloom" (interview)
  4. "Philosophy" (iTunes Originals Version)
  5. "Nothing Manly About Walking Around Singing Neil Sedaka" (interview)
  6. "Boxing" (iTunes Originals Version)
  7. "Writing About Yourself Without Being Emotionally Lewd" (interview)
  8. "Alice Childress" (iTunes Originals Version)
  9. "A Really Tough Year" (interview)
  10. "Brick" (iTunes Originals Version)
  11. "Making A Stadium Feel Like A Living Room" (interview)
  12. "Smoke"
  13. "I Understood What She Was Talking About" (interview)
  14. "Selfless, Cold and Composed"
  15. "Meeting Shatner" (interview)
  16. "In Love"
  17. "A New Clean Slate" (interview)
  18. "Mess"
  19. "The Scariest Thing You've Ever Done Is Right On The Horizon" (interview)
  20. "Still Fighting It"
  21. "Making Songs For Silverman" (interview)
  22. "Prison Food"
  23. "Landed" (iTunes Originals Version)
  24. "A Walk Through Any City In America" (interview)
  25. "Jesusland" (iTunes Originals Version)
  26. "When Desperate Static Beats The Silence Up" (interview)
  27. "Late" (iTunes Originals Version)
  28. "You To Thank" (iTunes Originals Version)


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