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ISkeleton Framework

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iSkeleton Framework is a design methodology that provides a formal strategy for optimizing web images, especially those used in CSS sprites. iSkeleton (image skeleton) framework is a front end design methodology that aims at segregating unchanging (for the most part of a web applications life) static images of a web application, and base64 encode them into a JS file which will serve them inline. The techniques prescribed are existing and known to the developers who use a subset or all of it to enhance the static contents delivery. However, as an effort to increase the developer awareness to help conserve the time and resource utilization by eliminating the redundant usage of network and server bandwidth alike, this framework is designed. This framework can go hand in hand with any existing architecture and gives the developers the option to selectively choose the components selectively to include as a part of this framework. This framework can be implemented upon an existing live web app. A before and after snapshot of network, web server usage, front end response time measures can give the stats on how much improvement has been achieved and keep on extending the framework to the entire web application based on the developer discretion. If a web application is being written from the scratch, it is strongly recommend to use this framework right from the beginning to enhance the design strength and user experience.


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