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The iCNxxx series is a range of automotive navigation systems from Navman. These include the iCN320, iCN330, iCN510, iCN520, iCN530, iCN550, iCN610, iCN630, iCN635, and iCN650.

All the iCN products include address to address routing, spoken guidance instructions and a 2-D display.

The 600 series do not have a battery, whereas the 300 and 500 series do.

Only the 500 series have a touch-screen.

Modding the iCN series

The lack of regular software updates to the iCN 500 range inspired efforts to turn an obsolete single application personal navigation device into a multi functional Handheld PC. Once modded, an iCN is capable of running dozens of applications including Navman's main rivals in the GPS field: namely Tomtom Navigator v6, Navigon, Destinator, iGo and Miomap.

Several methods exist for modding the iCN series, all of which involve simple software hacks.

Beyond running GPS alternatives such as Miomap 3.2, a modded iCN can run many PocketPC games.

For more information on modding the iCN series see the navmanunlocked.forumwise.com forum and gpspassion.com


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