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I'm So Indicted

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Released  July 11, 2006
Genre  comedy
Label  Self-published
Artist  Capitol Steps
Producer  Elaina Newport
Recorded  2005 and 2006
Length  1:07:34
I'm So Indicted  O Christmas Bush
Release date  11 July 2006
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I'm So Indicted is a 2006 album by the Capitol Steps.


Track listing

  1. Here's to You, Reverend Robertson
  2. George Bush speaks
  3. I'm So Indicted
  4. What a Difference Delay Makes
  5. Three Little Kurds from School
  6. Government Lessons for Little Children: Chicken Little
  7. Can't Get to a Church
  8. GOP-BS
  9. Sam Alito
  10. In the Metro
  11. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?
  12. Rolling Kidney Stones (A collection including Angieoplasty, I've got a bold spot and I want to paint it black, You can't always eat what you want, and Hey; You; Get off of my lawn. "Jumping Hot Flash", "Time is not on my side" and "Blood, Sugar")
  13. Dubai Dubai Doo
  14. This is the House that Jack Bribed
  15. FU Airlines
  16. Living Will
  17. Old Finger
  18. Rafael Palmeiro's Greatest Hits
  19. John Bolton Goes to the U.N.
  20. Michael Brown
  21. Deep Throat
  22. When I'm 84
  23. God Bless My S.U.V.
  24. Lirty Dies: Ecret Sagents, Ack Jabramoff, Chick Daney, Yubble-Doo and the Storrible Horm

Songs parodied

In album order:

  1. Mrs. Robinson
  2. (spoken word)
  3. I'm So Excited
  4. What a Difference a Day Made
  5. Three Little Maids From School (from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado)
  6. (spoken word)
  7. Get Me to the Church on Time
  8. Sesame Street Theme, Bye Bye Blackbird (GOP-BS)
  9. Mona Lisa
  10. In the Ghetto
  11. Maria
  12. Angie, Paint it Black, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Get Off Of My Cloud, A Little Help From My Friends (Rolling Kidney Stones)
  13. Strangers in the Night
  14. (spoken word)
  15. Snowbird
  16. (spoken word)
  17. Goldfinger
  18. Lookin' For Love, I Shot the Sheriff, Time in a Bottle, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Rafael Palmeiro's greatest Hits)
  19. (spoken word)
  20. Charlie Brown
  21. (spoken word)
  22. When I'm 64
  23. God Bless the USA
  24. (spoken word)

New lyrics by Bill Strauss, Elaina Newport and Mark Eaton, with Bari Biern and Janet Davidson Gordon for "Old Finger", Mike Tilford for "Deep Throat" and Michael Forrest for "Can't Get To a Church."

Production personnel

  • Producer: Elaina Newport
  • Director: Bill Strauss
  • Sound Engineers: Jim Smith and Greg Hammon
  • Pianists: Howard Breitbart, Eileen Cornett, Dave Kane, Marc Irwin, Emily Bell Spitz and Lenny Wiliams
  • Cassettes and CDs pressed by Lion Recording
  • Songs

    1Here's to You - Reverend Robertson1:52
    2George Bush Speaks3:18
    3I'm So Indicted4:09


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