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I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now

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Directed by  Arthur Lubin
Country  United States
Initial release  1 November 1940
Distributed by  Universal Studios
Release date  1940 (1940)
Language  English
Director  Arthur Lubin
Art director  Jack Otterson
Starring  Dennis O'Keefe Constance Moore
Cast  Dennis O'Keefe, Constance Moore
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I m nobody s sweetheart now

I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now is a 1940 film.


i m nobody s sweetheart now dixieland eddy davis banjo


Football player Tod Lowell is the son of a man running for governor, who needs the support of a political boss. Tod's dad asks a favor, that Tod spend a few weeks squiring Gertrude Morgan, the man's daughter.

Trouble is, Tod's been romantically involved with Betty Gilbert, a nightclub singer, while Gert's gotten engaged to Tod's football rival, Andy Mason. A few tricks are played on the parents to make them believe Tod and Gertrude are serious, but just as they are about to return to their former partners, the two realize they actually have fallen for one another.


  • Constance Moore as Betty Gilbert
  • Dennis O'Keefe as Tod Lowell
  • Helen Parrish as Gertrude
  • Lewis Howard as Andy
  • Berton Churchill as Sen. Lowell
  • Samuel S. Hinds as Morgan
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