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Huigang of Silla

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Hangul  희강왕
Hangul  김제륭 also 김제옹
Hanja  僖康王
Hanja  金悌隆 also 金悌勒

Name  Huigang Silla
McCune–Reischauer  Huigang wang
Died  838 AD
People also search for  Minae of Silla, Sinmu of Silla

Revised Romanization  Huigang wang

Huigang of Silla (died 838) (r. 836–838) was the 43rd ruler of the Korean kingdom of Silla. He was the grandson of King Wonseong and the son of ichan Kim Heon-jeong by Lady Podo. He married Lady Munmok, who was the daughter of daeachan Chunggong.

After the death of King Heungdeok in 836, Huigang and his uncle (Heungdeok's younger cousine) Kim Gyunjeong struggled for power. After Kim Myeong (who later became King Minae) killed Kim, Huigang rose to the throne.

Huigang made Kim Myeong his Sangdaedeung, but the next year Kim rebelled against him. Huigang killed himself, and was buried on Sosan mountain in Gyeongju.


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