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Huarochirí Manuscript

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Copyright date  1991
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The Huarochirí manuscript (in modern Quechua spelling: Waruchiri) is a Quechua-language text from the late 16th century, describing myths, religious notions and traditions of the Indians of Huarochirí Province.

The main roles in the myth are played by mountain deities (Huacas), including the rivals Paryaqaqa and Wallallu Qarwinchu, who also act as protectors of regional ethnicities (Huarochirí, Huanca).

This text is an important monument of early colonial Quechua literature, because it is unique in its detailed description of the traditional beliefs of the indigenous Andean population of the former Inca Empire.

The name of the original Indian author is unknown, but the document was recorded and annotated by Spanish cleric Francisco de Ávila, who was responsible for the eradication of pagan beliefs. For centuries, the manuscript was forgotten in the royal library of Madrid.

German ethnologist Hermann Trimborn discovered the document in Madrid, translated it into German and published a bilingual edition in 1939. Most of it was destroyed in the Second World War. An expanded and re-worked edition in collaboration with Antje Kelm was published in 1967. In 1966, Peruvian writer and anthropologist José María Arguedas translated the text into Spanish for the first time and also published a bilingual edition (Quechua and Spanish).

Literature / Editions

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  • José María Arguedas: Dioses y Hombres de Huarochirí (1966). Quechua text with Spanish translation
  • Huarochirí - An Andean Society Under Inca and Spanish Rule. Author: Karen Spalding (1984)
  • Gérald Taylor: Rites et Traditions de Huarochirí. (1995)
  • Frank Salomon, George L. Urioste: Huarochirí Manuscript: A Testament of Ancient and Colonial Andean Religion (1991). [Quechua original and English translation by Frank Salomon and George L. Urioste]
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