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Related names  Hodžić
Meaning  Lord, Khawaja (Persian: خواجه‎‎ khvājeh, in Arabic: خواجة‎‎ khawājah)

Hoxha, pronounced /ˈhɔdʒa/, is an Albanian surname, derived from the Persian title Khawaja. It could refer to several people:

  • Iljas Mirahori, also known as Iljaz Hoxha, 15th-century Albanian Janissary, scientist, and personal teacher to Ottoman Empire's sultan Bayezid II
  • Hysen Hoxha (1861–1934), one of the signatories of Albanian Declaration of Independence, and uncle of Enver Hoxha
  • Enver Hoxha (1908–1985), Communist leader of Albania in 1944–1985
  • Fadil Hoxha (1916–2001), Yugoslav politician and Kosovo's leader during the time of Tito
  • Nexhmije Hoxha (born 1921), Albanian politician, wife of Enver Hoxha
  • Abaz Hoxha (born 1930), Albanian engineer
  • Luan Hoxha (born 1960), Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Albania in 2006–2008
  • Anna Hoxha (born 1961), best known as Anna Oxa, Italian singer
  • Ferit Hoxha (born 1967), Albanian diplomat
  • Dritan Hoxha (1968–2008), Albanian businessman
  • Erand Hoxha (born 1985), Albanian footballer
  • Rigers Hoxha (born 1985), Albanian footballer
  • Alban Hoxha (born 1987), Albanian football goalkeeper
  • Yll Hoxha (born 1987), Kosovar football player
  • Altin Hoxha (born 1990), Albanian footballer
  • Sulejman Hoxha (born 1990), Albanian footballer
  • Hamels Hoxha (born 1992), Albanian footballer
  • Sidni Hoxha (born 1992), Albanian swimmer
  • Bedri Hoxha, Albanian politician
  • Fatos Hoxha, Albanian politician
  • Ismail Hoxha, Albanian politician
  • Rajmond Hoxha, Albanian politician
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