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Hikmet (magazine)

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Categories  Sufism
Final issue  22 September 1911
Based in  Istanbul
First issue  22 April 1910
Country  Ottoman Empire
Hikmet (magazine)
Publisher  Şehbenderzâde Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi

The weekly journal Hikmet (Ottoman-Turkish: حکمت; DMG: Ḥikmet; English: "Wisdom"), published in Istanbul from 1910 to 1911, was one of the first sufistic journals that were founded during the Second Constitutional Period. It was published by Şehbenderzâde Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi (1865-1914), a Turkish Sufi, author and thinker. The journal had the subtitle “Unity is life and dissension is death“ („İttihad hayattır, tefrika memattır“). All together 79 issues were published and covered political, economic and social topics as well as articles on philosophy, islamic mysticism and sufistic literature. Hilmi’s criticism of the “Committee of Unity and Progress” (İttihat ve Terakki Cemiyeti) ultimately led to the suspension of the journal Hikmet. In addition to Hikmet Hilmi also published the journals Çaylak, İttihat-ı İslam and Coşkun Kalender.


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