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Highway 12 (Israel)

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Length  71 km
Major cities  Eilat
Highway 12 (Israel)
South end:  Eilat city center (Hwy 90)
North end:  Shizafon Junction (Hwy 40)

Highway 12 is a single carriageway road in the South District of Israel. It surrounds the mountains of Eilat from the north and west, and it connects Eilat to Highway 10 and Highway 40, which lead toward central Israel. Highway 10 continues north toward the Gaza Strip, whereas Highway 40 proceeds to Beersheba via Mizpe Ramon.

Description of the route from south to north

Highway 12 begins as an urban boulevard in Eilat exiting the city to the west. It then runs northwest toward the border of Israel with Egypt. Then it turns north past the Netafim Border Crossing and the northern mountains of Eilat.

At Sayarim junction it intersects with Highway 10. It continues northeast past Ovda airport and reaches its north terminus at Shizafon junction, where it intersects with Highway 40.


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