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High performance thin layer chromatography

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High performance thin layer chromatography

High performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) is an enhanced form of thin layer chromatography (TLC). A number of enhancements can be made to the basic method of thin layer chromatography to automate the different steps, to increase the resolution achieved and to allow more accurate quantitative measurements.

Automation is useful to overcome the uncertainty in droplet size and position when the sample is applied to the TLC plate by hand. One recent approach to automation has been the use of piezoelectric devices and inkjet printers for applying the sample.

The spot capacity (analogous to peak capacity in HPLC) can be increased by developing the plate with two different solvents, using two-dimensional chromatography. The procedure begins with development of sample loaded plate with first solvent. After removing it, the plate is rotated 90° and developed with a second solvent.


Widely used instrument for HPTLC is from CAMAG, Switzerland. It provides automated sample application (loading), plate development, detection and documentation.


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