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High Franconian German

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Glottolog:  high1287
High Franconian German
Geographic distribution:  Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia, Saxony
Linguistic classification:  Indo-European Germanic West High German languages High Franconian
Subdivisions:  East Franconian South Franconian

High Franconian (German: Oberfränkische Dialekte) is a variety of High German consisting of East Franconian and South Franconian. It is part of the Franconian languages area, spoken southeast of the Rhine Franconian part.

It is spoken in Germany around Karlsruhe, Erlangen, Fürth, Heilbronn and Würzburg and a small area in France. It is disputed, whether Nuremberg in Germany belongs to its area. Surnames from the area of High Franconian include Bauer, Hofmann, Merkel, Paulus, Schmidt and Schneider.

High Franconian is transitional between Upper German and Central German with similarity to Yiddish. It is sometimes considered part of Central German, or part of neither Upper nor Central German.


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