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Hidden Lakes (Nevada)

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Hidden Lakes (Nevada)

The Hidden Lakes are a pair of glacial tarns in the Ruby Mountains, in Elko County in the northeastern part of the state of Nevada. They are located on a shelf on the Ruby Crest above Soldier Basin, at approximately 40°44.6′N 115°17.0′W, and at an elevation of 9500 feet (2895 m). They have a combined area of approximately 9 acres (3.6 hectares), and a depth of up to 32 feet (9.7 m).

Map of Hidden Lakes, Nevada 89828, USA

Hidden Lakes are two of the many sources of Soldier Creek, which flows from the eastern side of the Ruby Mountains through Soldier Canyon, exits the mountains to the west into Lamoille Valley, and then merges with the main branch of the Humboldt River. Soldier Lakes are in middle ground of photo.


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