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Hibbertia grossulariifolia

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Dilleniaceae
Rank  Species
Order  unplaced
Genus  Hibbertia
Hibbertia grossulariifolia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Scientific name  Hibbertia grossulariifolia
Similar  Hibbertia cuneiformis, Hibbertia stellaris, Hibbertia dentata, Hibbertia aspera, Hibbertia cistiflora

Hibbertia grossulariifolia is a prostrate shrub species that is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. It spreads up to 1.2 metres in diameter and has yellow flowers which appear between August and December in the species native range.

The species, initially named as Burtonia grossulariaefolia, was first formally described in 1807 by English botanist Richard Salisbury in The Paradisus Londinensis. It was subsequently placed by him in the genus Hibbertia.


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