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Hi Honey, I'm Home!

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6.7/10 TV

Theme music composer  Rupert Holmes
First episode date  19 July 1991
Number of seasons  2
7.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Sitcom, Satire
Country of origin  United States
Final episode date  12 July 1992
Number of episodes  14
Hi Honey, I'm Home! Honey I39m Home JustPost Virtually entertaining
Created by  Rick Mitz Penny Stallings Barry Secunda
Starring  Charlotte Booker Stephen C. Bradbury Julie Benz Peter Benson Susan Cella
Opening theme  "Hi Honey, I'm Home!" performed by Rupert Holmes
Cast  Julie Benz, Charlotte Booker
Networks  American Broadcasting Company, Nick at Nite
Similar  Going Places, The Jackie Thomas Show, Baby Talk, Step by Step, Less than Perfect

Hi honey i m home 1991 opening credits

Hi Honey, I'm Home! is an American television sitcom that ran from July 19, 1991, to July 12, 1992 for 13 episodes. Each week, a new episode of the series aired on ABC as part of its Friday night TGIF lineup. The same episode would re-air Sunday night on Nickelodeon as part of the channel's Nick at Nite lineup. ABC stopped airing the series after the sixth episode of the first season. The show's second and final season only aired on Nick at Nite before being canceled in July 1992. The series was taped before a live audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.


Hi Honey, I'm Home! RARE AND HARD TO FIND TITLES TV and Feature Film Hi Honey I39m

Hi honey i m home opening and three scenes


Hi Honey, I'm Home! httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb4

The Nielsens (named after the Nielsen ratings) are a family of fictional characters from a 1950s sitcom that has been canceled; they have been relocated to a real world New Jersey suburb in 1991, which is different from the world they know. They use a device called a Turnerizer (named after Ted Turner) to switch between color and black-and-white within their home. Mike Duff, the teenage son of the family next door, is the only real-world person who knows their secret.

Hi Honey, I'm Home! Octohomes

In most episodes, there are guest appearances by actors from classic TV shows, playing their characters; e.g., Gale Gordon appears in episode 1 as Theodore J. Mooney (from The Lucy Show).

Cast and characters

Hi Honey, I'm Home! Hi Honey I39m Home TV show
  • Honey Nielsen (Charlotte Booker) – An archetypal 1950s sitcom housewife and mom. Her catchphrase is "Oh, pooh!" whenever anything went wrong (although at the end of the original pilot, she said "Oh, hell!"). Elaine is her friend, although she doesn't understand the modern era, and she occasionally helps Elaine realize that there are still some times when simplicity works. Mike looks to her as a surrogate mother, since Elaine works full-time and goes to night school and isn't around a lot.
  • Lloyd Nielsen (Stephen C. Bradbury) – The bumbling, clueless dad. He tends to think himself automatically right in any conflict because he is a man, but cannot keep a job for any real length of time. He clashes with Elaine's liberalism.
  • Babs Nielsen (Julie Benz) – The Nielsens' pretty, popular, and well-endowed, but spoiled and vain, teenage daughter. Target of a crush by Mike Duff, which she doesn't reciprocate.
  • Chucky Nielsen (Danny Gura) – The Nielsens' chubby and naive younger son. Is sometimes used as a pawn by Skunk.
  • Elaine Duff (Susan Cella) – Sarcastic next-door neighbor to the Nielsens and single mom to two sons. Her husband left her for another woman after she worked to put him through college. Her hyper-liberalism is contrasted with Lloyd's conservative viewpoints and thus clashes with him at times. She works full-time and attends night school, so she is seldom home. She attempts to teach Honey about the realism of the 1990s while Honey sometimes helps Elaine to remember the simplicity that epitomized the 1950s.
  • Mike Duff (Peter Benson) – Elaine Duff's couch potato teenage son who knows the real identities of the Nielsens, as he is something of a television junkie. Has a crush on Babs which isn't reciprocated. He, along with his mother, try to teach the Nielsens about life in the 1990s. Mike sometimes looks to Honey as the mother he always wanted since Elaine is seldom home, due to her work and school schedule.
  • Sidney "Skunk" Duff (Eric Kushnick) – Elaine's youngest, trouble making son, known for a developing criminal career. Elaine is not fully able to handle him. He is always demanding that he wants to live with his father, as opposed to his mother.

  • Hi Honey, I'm Home! Hi Honey I39m Home 1991 Pilot YouTube

    The original unaired pilot featured two actors who were later recast. Actress Dee Hoty was originally cast as Elaine Duff, but was replaced by Susan Cella. Future Backstreet Boy A. J. McLean was originally cast as Sidney "Skunk" Duff and was replaced by Eric Kushnick. The pilot was then re-shot with the different actors and aired.

    The original pilot eventually aired during Nickelodeon's "Nick Knew Them When" anniversary marathon on June 27, 1999, highlighting A.J. McLean's involvement in the program.

    Season 1: 1991

    * Aired on June 27, 1999 on Nickelodeon.


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