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Related compounds  Octasulfur
Appearance  Vivid, orange, opaque crystals

Hexasulfur (systematically named hexathiane, and cyclo-hexasulfur) is an inorganic chemical with the chemical formula S
, consisting of a ring of six sulfur atoms. It is thus a simple cyclosulfane, and an allotrope of sulfur. It is also the final member of the thiane heterocyclic series, where every carbon is substituted with a sulfur atom.


The name hexasulfur, is the most commonly used and preferred IUPAC name, and is constructed according to the compositional nomenclature. The systematic name hexathiane, a valid IUPAC name, is constructed according to the substitutive nomenclature. Another valid IUPAC systematic name cyclo-hexasulfur, is constructed according to the additive nomenclature.


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