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Kingdom  Plantae
Scientific name  Hexastylis
Rank  Genus
Family  Aristolochiaceae
Higher classification  Aristolochiaceae
Order  Piperales
Hexastylis wwwalabamaplantscomRedaltHexastylisarifoliap
Lower classifications  Hexastylis arifolia, Hexastylis virginica

Hexastylis or heartleaf is a segregate of the genus Asarum, in the family Aristolochiaceae. The group comprises ten species endemic to southeastern North America. It is a perennial, evergreen, herbaceous plant with leaves and flowers arising directly from the rhizomes. Hexastylis was once recognized at the level of genus, and in some floral treatments still is, yet it has been shown through morphological and molecular evidence that it is rooted within the genus Asarum.

Hexastylis Hexastylis Wikipedia


There are eleven species of Hexastylis:

  • Hexastylis arifolia
  • Hexastylis contracta
  • Hexastylis heterophylla
  • Hexastylis lewisii
  • Hexastylis minor
  • Hexastylis naniflora
  • Hexastylis rhombiformis
  • Hexastylis shuttleworthii
  • Hexastylis sorriei
  • Hexastylis speciosa
  • Hexastylis virginica

  • Hexastylis Little Heartleaf Hexastylis minor
    Hexastylis Hexastylis arifolia Littlebrownjug Discover Life
    Hexastylis Hexastylis arifolia Little brown jug NPIN
    Hexastylis Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora Hexastylis virginica L Small


    Hexastylis Wikipedia

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