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HeroQuest (video game)

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Release date(s)  1991
Designer  Games Workshop
Initial release date  1991
Genre  Board game
HeroQuest (video game) httpsiytimgcomviIuclMGOdTIhqdefaultjpg
Platforms  Amiga, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, DOS, AmigaOS, Amstrad CPC
Developers  Gremlin Interactive, Games Workshop
Publishers  Gremlin Interactive, GBH Gold
Similar  Gremlin Interactive games, Role-playing video games

HeroQuest is a video game based on the HeroQuest board game.


Publication history

A computer game adaptation of the HeroQuest board game was released in 1991, forcing Sierra On-Line to rename their Hero's Quest series to Quest for Glory. A version of the game for the NES was developed to a prototype stage, simply named "HeroQuest", but never released. A sequel to the PC titled HeroQuest II: Legacy of Sorasil was released in 1994.


The video game is based on the HeroQuest board game.


The reviewer from The One for Amiga Games stated that "for the most part, Hero Quest manages to recreate the fun of the table-top version". The reviewer from Amiga Computing stated that "Hero Quest represents great value for the money". The reviewer from Amiga Action considered the game "Worth buying whether you are a fan of the boardgame or not. Excellent!". The reviewer from Amiga Format stated: "Gremlin have managed to produce the computer doppleganger of the original board-game bestseller and 300,000 people can't be wrong: can they?" The reviewer from CU Amiga stated that "Gremlin must be congratulated for a job well done." The reviewer from Amiga Power stated that "Hero Quest is an enjoyable piece of software indeed, and one of the best multiplayer experiences available for the Amiga." The reviewer from ACAR called the game "technically superb".


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