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Herman, Margrave of Brandenburg Salzwedel

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Noble family  House of Ascania
Buried  Lehnin Abbey
Name  Herman, of

Herman, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Father  Otto V, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
Mother  Judith of Henneberg-Coburg
Died  February 1, 1308, Lubz, Germany
Spouse  Anne of Austria, Margravine of Brandenburg
Parents  Otto V, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
Children  John V, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
Grandparents  Otto III, Margrave of Brandenburg, Beatrice of Bohemia
Great-grandparents  Albert II, Margrave of Brandenburg, Wenceslaus I of Bohemia, Kunigunde of Hohenstaufen

Herman, Margrave of Brandenburg, also known as Herman the Tall (c. 1275 – 1 February 1308), a member of the House of Ascania, was Margrave and co-ruler of Brandenburg with his cousin Margrave Otto IV of Brandenburg-Stendal.



Herman was the son of Margrave Otto V of Brandenburg-Salzwedel and his wife Judith, daughter of the Franconian count Herman I of Henneberg. In 1299, he succeeded his father as co-regent of Brandenburg, which he ruled jointly with his cousin Otto IV. After the death of the Piast duke Bolko I of Jawor, he exercised the guardianship over Bolko's children.

In 1308, war broke out between Brandenburg and the Duchy of Mecklenburg, the so-called North German Margrave War. Herman and Otto invaded Mecklenburg and Herman died during the siege of Lübz. He was buried in the Lehnin Abbey.

Marriage and issue

In 1295 he married Anne of Austria (1280-1327), the daughter of the late Habsburg king Albert I of Germany. They had four children:

  • Jutta (1301-1353), heiress of Coburg, married to Count Henry VIII of Henneberg (d. 1347)
  • John V (1302-1317), his successor
  • Matilda (d. 1323), heiress of Lower Lusatia, married Duke Henry IV "the Faithful" of Glogau (d. 1342)
  • Agnes (1297-1334), heiress of the Altmark, married Waldemar, Margrave of Brandenburg (1281-1381). In 1319, she married her second husband, Duke Otto of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Prince of Göttingen (1290-1344).
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