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Here We Are (A Global Threat album)

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Released  April 16, 2002
Release date  16 April 2002
Genre  Punk rock
Artist  A Global Threat
Label  Punk Core Records
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Here We Are (2002)  Earache / Pass the Time (2003)
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A global threat here we are full album 2002

Here We Are is the third studio album by A Global Threat. It was released on April 16, 2002, on Punk Core Records. This album shows the band departing slightly from the sound of Until We Die and What The Fuck Will Change?, incorporating complicated times and music.


A global threat here we are

Track listing

  1. "Here We Are"
  2. "Mindbomb"
  3. "Lab Rat"
  4. "Out in the Dark"
  5. "On the Clock"
  6. "Bloody Red Eyes"
  7. "Living Dead"
  8. "Invite a Coroner"
  9. "So Paranoid"
  10. "Blow You Away"
  11. "Bury Your Parents"
  12. "There's Your Threat"
  13. "Sirens"
  14. "D.F."

Line up for recording

  • Bryan Lothian - vocals/guitar
  • John Curran - bass guitar
  • Mike Graves - drums
  • Pete - vocals on "D.F."
  • Songs

    1Here We Are2:01
    3Lab Rat1:33


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