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Hercules fighting Nemean lion

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Completion date  1634
Location  Museo del Prado.
Created  1634
Dimensions  151 × 166 cm
Artist  Francisco de Zurbarán
Period  Baroque
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Hercules fighting Nemean lion is a work by Francisco de Zurbarán created in 1634. It is conserved in the Museo del Prado.


The painting depicts Heracles fighting the Nemean Lion. The Spanish art critic Soria suggests a comparison with a woodcut fashioned by Cornelis Cort after a work by Frans Floris, based on the hero's position. The rocky setting was designed according to a woodcut by Barthel Beham: Fighting versus centaur (1542).

It is one of series of 10 artworks on the Labours of Hercules commissioned by Philip IV of Spain for the decoration of the Queens Hall's in the Buen Retiro Palace. The series is now on show at the Museo del Prado.


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