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Henkes Islands

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Location  Antarctica
Population  Uninhabited
Henkes Islands

The Henkes Islands are a group of small islands and rocks 4 kilometres (2 nmi) in extent, lying 2 kilometres (1 nmi) southwest of Avian Island, close off the southern extremity of Adelaide Island, Antarctica. The islands were discovered by the French Antarctic Expedition, 1908–10, under Jean-Baptiste Charcot, and named by him for one of the Dutch directors of the Magellan Whaling Company at Punta Arenas. Charcot applied the name to the scattered rocks and islands between Cape Adriasola and Cape Alexandra, and the name was restricted to the group described by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee following definitive mapping by the British Antarctic Survey in 1961 and the British Royal Navy Hydrographic Survey in 1963.


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