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Henfield (electoral division)

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Henfield (electoral division)

Henfield is an electoral division of West Sussex in the United Kingdom and returns one member to sit on West Sussex County Council. The current County Councillor, Lionel Barnard, is also Deputy Leader of West Sussex County Council.



The division covers the town of Henfield; and the villages of Cowfold, Dial Post, Partridge Green, Shermanbury and West Grinstead.

It comprises the following Horsham District wards: Cowfold, Shermanbury & West Grinstead Ward and Henfield Ward; and of the following civil parishes: Cowfold, the northern part of Henfield, Shermanbury and West Grinstead.

2013 Election

Results of the election held on 2 May 2013:

2009 Election

Results of the election held on 4 June 2009:

2005 Election

Results of the election held on 5 May 2005:


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