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Hemithrinax compacta

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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Coryphoideae
Genus  Hemithrinax
Order  Arecales
Family  Arecaceae
Tribe  Corypheae
Rank  Species
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Similar  Thrinax ekmaniana, Coccothrinax salvatoris, Coccothrinax clarensis, Copernicia glabrescens, Acrocomia crispa

Hemithrinax compacta (syn. Thrinax compacta) is a species of palm that is endemic to Cuba. Hemithrinax compacta flourishes on the mogotes of Cuba. Mogotes are dome-shaped hills in Cuba made up of coral rock. Hemithrinax compacta is the only species in its genus in Cuba that grows in the highlands, at an elevation of 450 m. Hemithrinax compacta needs to have more than 2400 mm per year of rainfall and a mean temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. The leaves of the palm have an average length of 190 cm and the inflorescence of the palm is tightly clustered, giving rise to the species name. A mature H. compacta can have a massive trunk of up to 10 cm thick and more than 20 m in height. The Thrinax genus has been grown in gardens. In addition, in the Thrinax genus the fruits are dispersed and eaten by red-bellied woodpeckers, birds, gray squirrels and lizards.


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