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Helvella latispora

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Kingdom  Fungi
Subdivision  Pezizomycotina
Order  Pezizales
Scientific name  Helvella latispora
Division  Ascomycota
Class  Pezizomycetes
Family  Helvellaceae
Rank  Species
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Similar  Helvella cupuliformis, Helvella costifera, Helvella corium, Helvella ephippium, Helvella elastica

Ciuperci din romania helvella latispora

Helvella latispora is a species of fungi in the Helvellaceae family, Pezizales order. Ascocarps appear in late summer and autumn as pale stems up to 5 cm in height topped by a greyish saddle shaped cap.


Ciuperci din romania helvella latispora


Consumption of this fungus is not recommended as similar species in the Helvellaceae family contain the toxin gyromitrin.


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