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Hellhound (comics)

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Publisher  DC Comics
Played by  Matthew Mercer
Movie  Batman: Bad Blood
Alter ego  Kai
Creator  Jim Balent
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First appearance  Catwoman Annual #2 (1995)
Created by  Jordan B. Gorfinkel Jim Balent
Similar  Zeiss, Lew Moxon, Angle Man, Savant, Holly Robinson

Hellhound is the name of two fictional characters that are DC Comics supervillains. The first Hellhound appeared as an opponent of Catwoman.


Publication history

The Kai version of Hellhound first appeared in Catwoman Annual #2 and was created by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and Jim Balent.


Kai was the best student in the Armless Master's dojo in Gotham City. Kai was also a thief, which brought him into conflict with a young Selina Kyle, who "tainted" a religious ceremony he was performing by touching a religious artifact depicting Bast that he had intended to steal himself. After Kai severely beat her for her interference, Kyle followed Kai back to the secret dojo, where the Armless Master welcomed her as a student. She began studying, and quickly showed Kai up in front of his master. Kai soon learned that Selina had taken on the identity of Catwoman, and, in religious zeal, took it as a sign. Adopting the identity of Hellhound he attempted to force Selina to kill him, believing this would finish the ceremony she had interrupted when they first met, and that he would be reborn as a "true hound of hell". Catwoman scarred his face instead, deepening his already great hatred of her. Kai always refers to Selina as Nehko-Chan.

In the years that followed Kai became a hired mercenary. Eventually he would get his wish and encounter Catwoman once more, coldly informing her that their master had been killed (although Catwoman is apparently unaware that Lady Shiva was the one to kill her sensei). Hellhound and Catwoman were forced to work together by an archeological relic connoisseur called the Collector, who wanted them to find him an artifact called the Wheel of Plagues. Unfortunately, the Wheel was also being sought by Ra's al Ghul, and Catwoman and Hellhound were forced into conflict with Bane. Bane bested them and took the Wheel and the two fought once again. Catwoman again bested Hellhound, leaving him alive even though he again asked for death.

He was later employed by Jackie Pamerjanian, the drug kingpin of Rheelasia, to protect his crop. Hellhound was forced into conflict with another costumed hero, this time Black Canary. She also defeated Hellhound, and Pamerjanian lost his drugs as the government raided the compound. Hellhound was recently seen serving as the bodyguard of Lew Moxon at the summit of Gotham gang bosses, and was unable to save his boss from being killed by Zeiss, who killed him in the process.

Jack Chifford

A second Hellhound has appeared as a member of the Society in the Villains United mini-series. His real name is Jack Chifford and he bought his 'villain franchise' from the Calculator, who sold him the costume and right to use the name.

This version of Hellhound was among the exiled villains. In Salvation Run #2, he was badly wounded by one of the robotic creatures. His fellow villains were ready to abandon him, but the Body Doubles insisted he be brought along. They later feed him to a group of "lion-lizards" so that the others could escape.


Later, a "title match" was held between Chifford's cousin and an unnamed bipedal dog-like metahuman over who should use the Hellhound identity. The fight was broken up by the Blue Beetle, leaving no clear victor.

Later, Anubis and Devil Dog (their new names) teamed up, calling themselves "The Global Ultra-Society of Dread" only to be beaten by Blue Beetle.

Anubis and Devil Dog, now calling themselves "The Dog Pound", were among the villains in the ambush of the JSA led by Tapeworm.

Powers and abilities

Hellhound was an excellent martial artist, although his skills were not equal to his lofty opinion of them. He also trained dogs to serve as his hunting pack. Much of this applies to the second Hellhound as well.


  • A version of Hellhound appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Grudge Match." He is shown as a fighter in Roulette's Metabrawl fighting Shatterfist. He was also a member of Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom.
  • Film

  • A version of Hellhound appears in Batman: Bad Blood, voiced by Matthew Mercer. He appears as one of Talia al Ghul's henchmen. Hellhound is killed by falling debris in a fight with Nightwing.
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