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Hellfire (J.T. Slade)

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Team affiliations  Secret Warriors Hydra
Species  Human
Hellfire (J.T. Slade) Hellfire JT Slade Comic Book Character
Created by  Brian Michael Bendis (writer) Alex Maleev (artist)
Abilities  Superhuman Reflexes Hellfire Channeling
First appearance  The Mighty Avengers #13 (July 2008)
Creators  Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev
Similar  Hive, Phobos, Robbie Reyes, Yo‑Yo Rodriguez, Phantom Rider

Hellfire (J.T. Slade) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


Publication history

Hellfire first appeared in The Mighty Avengers #13 and was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

Fictional character biography

Hellfire (J.T. Slade) James Taylor James Hellfire Who39s Who

Nick Fury recruits Carter Slade's grandson, James Taylor James (also known as J. T. Slade), introduced in The Mighty Avengers #13, to be part of Fury's team against the "Secret Invasion" of the shape-shifting alien Skrulls. The character roll call at the beginning of Secret Invasion #4 (Sept. 2008) refers to J. T. as "Hellfire". Hellfire goes on to make numerous appearances in the ongoing series, Secret Warriors. He is later revealed to be a HYDRA double agent.

Nick Fury allows Hellfire to fall to his death as a result of the character's double dealings.

Powers and abilities

Hellfire (J.T. Slade) Hellfire JT Slade Comic Book Character

Slade has superhuman reflexes and the ability to cause a chain to ignite in flame and cause massive damage.

In other media

Hellfire (J.T. Slade) Character Secret Warriors 30405

An Inhuman version of J.T. James appears in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., played by Axle Whitehead. He was a former mercenary and demolitions expert who was kicked out of Afterlife by Jiaying for breaking into her archives. He first appeared in the episode "Paradise Lost" where Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell ask him about the Kree device in his possession. In the episode "The Singularity," James goes through Terrigenesis at the hands of Hive and receives his power that enables him to charge things up for a fiery explosion. After being swayed to Hive's side, James assisted him, Daisy Johnson, and Alisha Whitley into abducting Holden Radcliffe in order to make their own Inhumans. During the final battle against Hive, Hellfire was defeated by Melinda May. In the episode "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire," Hellfire was shown working at a fireworks store when Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons arrive to warn him about the Watchdogs. When meeting with Hellfire at a storage unit next to the fireworks store, the Watchdogs arrive where Hellfire mentioned to Daisy and Jemma that he struck a deal with the Watchdogs where he will help him dispose of the Inhumans in exchange that they kill him last. As Daisy and Jemma work to get away from the Watchdogs, Hellfire corners them until Robbie Reyes shows up. Upon Phil Coulson and Al MacKenzie arriving to save Daisy and Jemma, Robbie becomes Ghost Rider and fights Hellfire. Upon the fireworks store exploding, Robbie drags Hellfire's body out of the explosion as he asked Coulson if he said to leave him alive. Jemma puts her hand against Hellfire's neck and nods up and down to Coulson.

Hellfire (J.T. Slade)


Hellfire (J.T. Slade) Wikipedia

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