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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Chloranthaceae
Higher classification  Chloranthaceae
Lower classifications  Hedyosmum mexicanum
Order  Chloranthales
Scientific name  Hedyosmum
Rank  Genus
Hedyosmum Hedyosmum Chloranthaceae image 3057 at PlantSystematicsorg

Hedyosmum is a genus of flowering plants in the family Chloranthaceae. There are about 40 to 45 species. They are distributed in Central and South America and the West Indies, and one species also occurs in southeastern Asia.

Hedyosmum Hedyosmum brasiliense Chloranthaceae image 68335 at PhytoImages

Species include:

  • Hedyosmum angustifolium
  • Hedyosmum anisodorum
  • Hedyosmum arborescens
  • Hedyosmum bonplandianum Kunth
  • Hedyosmum brasiliense
  • Hedyosmum brenesii
  • Hedyosmum burgerianum D'Arcy & Liesner
  • Hedyosmum correanum D'Arcy & Liesner
  • Hedyosmum costaricense
  • Hedyosmum dombeyanum
  • Hedyosmum gentryi
  • Hedyosmum goudotianum
  • Hedyosmum lechleri
  • Hedyosmum luteynii
  • Hedyosmum maximum
  • Hedyosmum mexicanum Cordemoy
  • Hedyosmum nutans
  • Hedyosmum orientale
  • Hedyosmum peruvianum
  • Hedyosmum purpurascens Todzia
  • Hedyosmum racemosum
  • Hedyosmum scaberrimum
  • Hedyosmum scabrum
  • Hedyosmum spectabile
  • Hedyosmum sprucei
  • Hedyosmum translucidum

  • Hedyosmum Hedyosmum Chloranthaceae image 3053 at PlantSystematicsorg
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