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Heblish, less frequently Hebglish or Engbrew, portmanteaux combining the words "Hebrew" and "English", is a slang term for a macaronic combination of the two languages, or code-switching between them in the same conversation or writing. This may be as a result of poor knowledge of one language or the other or both, or may be usage for introducing a humorous effect.

Hebglish usually consists of either filling in gaps in one's knowledge of Hebrew with English words, speaking Hebrew in such a manner that (although ostensibly "Hebrew") would be incomprehensible to a Hebrew language speaker who does not also have a working knowledge of English.

It is also used in bilingual songs in Hebrew and English for appealing to audiences not proficient in Hebrew within Israel or internationally.

Other terms are used, some connecting with Yiddish rather than with Hebrew, and code-switching may be for representation of religious or cultural affiliation in speech, rather than language transfer reasons.


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