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Han Zhang

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Created by  Shi Yukun
Hometown  Huangzhou
Han Zhang
Appearances  The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants and its sequels
Nickname(s)  Earth-Piercing Rat (徹地鼠)
Sworn siblings  Lu Fang, 1st brother Xu Qing, 3rd brother Jiang Ping, 4th brother Bai Yutang, 5th brother

Han Zhang is a fictional character from the 19th-century Chinese novel The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants. Nicknamed "Earth-Piercing Rat" for his expertise in land mines, he had a military background.

Han Zhang, along with sworn brothers Lu Fang, Xu Qing, Jiang Ping and Bai Yutang were known as the "Five Rats of Hollow Island". Han was ranked 2nd in age, and probably was the 2nd best fighter after Bai Yutang, as he not only carried a broadsword but also poisonous darts, which he used to injure Judge Bao's officer Ma Han. Relatively introverted, Han preferred to act alone and was the last of the "Five Rats" to surrender to the government.

Portrayal in film and television

  • Ku Wen-chung in King Cat (1967)
  • Chiang Nan in Justice Pao (1974–75)
  • Ching Chu in Cat vs Rat (1982)
  • Yu Tai-ping in House of Traps (1982)
  • Wu Yuan-chun in Justice Pao (1993–94)
  • Mark Cheng in The Invincible Constable (1993)
  • You An-shun in The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants (1994)
  • Zhang Hui in The New Seven Heroes and Five Gallants (1994)
  • Gao Yang in The Young Detective (2000)
  • Chapman To in Cat and Mouse (2003)
  • Liu Weidong in A Game of Cat and Mouse (2005)
  • Wu Shiqiang in Bai Yutang (2005)
  • Bi Hanwen in Justice Bao (2008)
  • Miao Qing in Justice Bao: The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants (2010)
  • Chen Chuhan in Invincible Knights Errant (2011)
  • Zhang Shuping in Sleek Rat, the Challenger (2013)
  • Wang Daqi in The Three Heroes and Five Gallants (upcoming)
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